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Serving the West Coast with Innovative solutions to Marine Construction projects in the commercial, private, and public markets.  At the core, Trowbridge Innovations is a leading marine construction partner, prime contractor, and sub-contractor.  

We are also the West Coast distributor for SnapJacket pile preservation systems and the supplier of Trowbridge UW Grout used for repairing pilings, underwater concrete repair, bridge construction and underwater bridge repair.  

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Marine Construction

- Bulkheads

- Commercial Piers

- Pile Driving

- Demolition

- Boathouses

- Residential Docks

Floating Docks

- Residential floating docks

- Swim platforms and floats

- Marinas

- Repair and re-flotation

- Anchor Installation

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Piling Repair and Sleeving

- Pile jacketing and sleeving

- Concrete jacketing

- Pile wrapping

- Pile splicing

- Pile driving

Barge & Tug Services 

Providing Lake Union with mini-tug services:

- Houseboat towing

- Barge movement

- Yacht assistance

- Dock Towing

- Barge rentals and material delivery to Lake Washington and Lake Union

Shoreline Construction

- Bulkhead construction, repair, and shoring

- Retaining walls

- Beach construction and sand delivery

- Environmental mitigation such as man-made habitats

- Piling removal and environmental remediation

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