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Trowbridge is proud to be the West Coast distributor and installer for SnapJacket pile sleeving systems as well as manufacture our own UW grout.

SnapJacket Sleeves come in diameters up to 16".  For larger piles, or odd shapes our in-house manufacturing and design team will be able to assist.   

Trowbridge UW Grout is a pump-able, non-shrink, non-metallic underwater cement based grout used in applications such as piling repair, bridge construction and repair, and underwater concrete repair.  


Please contact us for pricing of products and related services. 

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Trowbridge Innovations places a composite sleeve around the piling with the bottom protruding into the substrate.  Any large areas with excessive decay have steel reinforcements added prior to the sleeve going around the pile. 

Trowbridge underwater grout is then pumped into the sleeve, displacing the water, encapsulating the compromised piling and bonding to create a like-new piling suitable to support docks, floating docks, piers, and buildings. TB underwater grout is a high pressure cements grout developed for use in tidal lands.  It can be pumped, poured, or hard packed depending on the type of repair. 


Repairing piles with this method has many benefits, especially under buildings or other existing structures that are in good condition.   

Our System is advantageous on timber, steel, and concrete pilings. 

Our sleeving process is also an acceptable way to mitigate creosote piles from continuing to leach creosote into the environment.

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